The Gilling East Tea Towel

The Gilling East Village Hall Committee has had printed a tea towel depicting six scenes around Gilling.  Tea-towel The pictures on the towel have been drawn by local artists as follows:

  1. Gilling East Village Hall by Dianne Baylay-Cox
  2. Gilling Castle by Louise Hicks
  3. The Church of the Holy Cross by Renata Warden
  4. The Church of Our Lady and the Holy Angels Mass by Moira Channer
  5. The Fairfax Arms by Oliver Reeve
  6. Gilling Sign by Grace Scott

The tea towel is priced at £3 and if you would like to purchase one please contact Mrs. Lynn Harrison,  Harton House, Station Road, Gilling – telephone 01439 788059 or email  The tea towel is also available from The Fairfax Arms, Gilling East.