Child protection

Child Protection
Putting Young People First

Gilling East Village Hall Management Committee


It is the policy of Gilling East Village Hall Management Committee to safeguard the welfare of all its patrons by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm. We therefore commit to:

  • Take into account in all our considerations and activities, the interests and wellbeing of young people.
  • Respect the rights, wishes and feelings of the young people who use our facilities.
  • Take all reasonable practicable steps to protect them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.
  • Promote the welfare of young people and their protection within a relationship of trust.

Complaints and Procedures

In the event of a complaint we shall:

  • Ensure all allegations or suspicions of abuse, no matter how insignificant will be referred Gilling East Village Hall Management Committee Child Protection Officer (CPO) immediately.
  • If the CPO is implicated in any way the referral should be made direct to the Chair Person of the Association.
  • Make a speedy referral to the correct authorities to take appropriate action.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times only sharing information on a need to know basis with the person making the allegation, relevant authorities and the parents of the child.
  • Write an accurate record of all relevant information relating to the incident and sign and date the document.

Code of Conduct

In promoting good practice we shall:

  • Always work in an open environment.
  • Treat all young people equally and with respect and dignity.
  • Maintain a safe and appropriate distance with children.
  • Build balanced relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Be excellent role models — this includes not smoking or drinking alcohol in the playground.
  • Give enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism.
  • Keep a written record of any injury that occurs, along with the details of any treatment needed.

Gilling East Village Hall Management Committee: Charity Number 1118724 Established 2004.


The Child Protection Officer (CPO):
Jane Baxter Tel: 01439 788644

Chairman of the VHMC:
Simon Harrison Tel: 01439 788059.