About us

Gilling East Village Hall was the former village school in Gilling before it was reborn in 2010 as our village hall.  The Gilling Village Hall Management Committee is registered as a charity (Charity number 1118724) so that local fundraising activities and grant applications can be used to best effect to generate funds which have allowed us to bring the building and its facilities up to a modern standard and help us develop and maintain the facility going forward.

Grants, together with fund-raising in the community and the support of a large number of individuals and organisations, has enabled us to create a Village Hall which we hope brings a focus for the communities of Gilling, Cawton, Grimston and Coulton.  Whether you’re a badminton player, need a hall for a birthday party or wedding celebration, or are just happy to join in a relaxing coffee morning, Gilling East Village Hall is available as a hub of the community.